Have you ever sent emails by mistake or to the wrong recipients? You can avoid sending emails by mistake by cross checking the mail before sending, but then this is not possible all the time as some mails might have been sent urgently. Here is a simple Outlook tip to avoid sending mails by mistake using rules in Outlook. All you need is to create a new rule for sending emails.

How to create rule in Outlook 2003/2007

1. Go to the Tools menu and Click Rules & Alerts.

2. In the Rules & Alert box, select New Rule button.

outlook tip1

3. In the Rules Wizard dialog box, Start from a blank rule. Highlight Check messages after sending. Click Next.

outlook tip2

4. Click Next button in the next dialog box.

outlook tip3

5. In the next box, select defer delivery by a number of minutes action. In Next Step, click a number of to set the number of minutes that you would like to delay delivery.

outlook tip4

outlook tip5

6. A pop up dialog box appears asking you to select the number of minutes you would like to delay delivery. I have selected 2 minutes here. Click OK and then Click Next.

outlook tip6

7. Next, you can set exceptions to this rule if you need. You can check the appropriate one which suits you.

outlook tip7

8. In the final step, give a name to the rule and turn on this rule. Click Finish and Apply. That’s it, next time you send a mail, it will be deferred by 2 minutes. In the meantime, you can cross check the mail and delete it if it was sent accidentally.

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