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Organise your Photos in Windows

If you are an avid photographer, then your PC must be used to store lots of images. Its often becomes difficult to search for an image from the large pile of images (Even with very less number of images, I find it difficult to search one).

You can easily organize your photos using tags. To add a tag to a photo, right click on the photo, Properties->Summary. Here you can add the tags in the keywords field. Make sure to separate the tags using semi colon. You can also tag multiple photos using the same procedure.

Once you have tagged the photos, its easy to search for them. Click search on the Start menu or press F3. Select Pictures and photos and click on Advanced search. Enter the tags in the textbox- “A Word or a Phrase in the File” column.

You will be able to easily search for the photos with the particular tag.

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  1. What an awesome tip! I’ve always seen the summary tab but never applied anything there. I just did what you said and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the handy tip:)

  2. Nice tip Nirmal. But rather than use the Windows Default search I prefer to use Google Desktop Search which is much better

  3. nice tip.worked out really well.looks like windows has many features which many of use don’t know how to really use them.

  4. nice tip nirmal…

    I use the free Adobe photoshop album starter edition 3.0 to organize my photos…it is easy to pull all the photos in my system with this tool…It also allows me to attach tags to each photo and i do the search with those tags…It is a cool application from one of the best in the photo software industry – Adobe and it has a lot other useful functionalities…

  5. @Lori,
    Glad that it was useful for you. 🙂

    Thats a good suggestion, using Google Desktop for search.

    Indeed Windows has many unknown features. 🙂

    Adobe also does the same job by tagging, only thing is that the interface may be easier to use. I too have used album starter edition, it came with my Sony Ericsson phone CD.

  6. useful tip, i never knew this

  7. Tags are always fun…I prefer tagging my photo in Google Picasa just because it’s not dependent on Windows.

    If my picture folder becomes too huge (which it has), I can move my pics off my local drive to an external drive and still retain all the tags, comments, ratings, etc that Picasa let’s you do.

    But good for anyone who likes to keep everything together on Vista.

  8. I never looked below the usual summary… nice tip…
    but JPG and other file formats doesn’t allow such comments, so this might be Window’s internal feature (though it’s working fine even if same picture is accessed from other system in network), as file once uploaded somewhere and downloaded looses the tag.

  9. It wouldn’t let me tag 3 photos at once – the fields in Summary weren’t editable when I chose multiple files. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. you are right Tracy, multiple file editing don’t work, but you are maybe working w/ WinXP just like me, don’t u ?

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