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7 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blog is a place where you express your opinions on various subjects. You don’t need to be a professional writer for blogging. But there are few things to note while writing articles for blogs. Here are 7 simple blogging steps for beginners.

  • Blog About subjects you are good at or topics which you are interested in. Do not blog about a subject just because of the fact that all popular blogger are writing about that topic.
  • Discuss your article and give a brief idea on the topic to the readers. Do not convey vague ideas and confuse the readers. Also, make your points clear. Include images wherever necessary to add visual effects (Make sure that the images do not violate copyright rules).
  • Make your article easy to read and do not abbreviate words. Check for any spelling mistakes in the post before you publish it to the web. Abbreviations and spelling mistakes break the flow of the paragraph.

  • Make it easy to comment on your blog. Readers like to express their opinion on the topic. Commenting form should be made simple without going through the process of registering or having a Captcha to prevent spam. Also, encourage your readers to comment to have a discussion going on about the topic.
  • Do not copy articles from other blogs or websites. If you need to get content from another blog, give proper credits and links.
  • Make your site load faster. Optimize your site CSS and scripts to make it run faster. Daniel has written a good article on how to make your site load faster by optimizing.
  • Make your feeds available to readers. Install a RSS feed button as well as Email subscription form and increase your readership base.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Would you like to add any more points? Please share it in comments.

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  1. My add
    Stick to one thing ..don’t get distracted with a lot of things like me 😀

  2. Yes shashank made a good point. Sticking to niche is really important and that’s why I’d to start TipsoSaurus as I wanted to dedicate that blog only for tips and tricks.

    Nice tips for newbies in blogging. One more tip by me….Read Problogger.net as much as you can!!

  3. If you find these 7 tips daunting, then there’s one unwritten law that you should religiously abide to.

    NEVER give up.

  4. I used to publish posts without paragraph breaks when I first started blogging. Now I take care to include appropriate images.

    BTW, Ashwin has give a great tip there. 😀

  5. Agreed with Ashwin, if you want to become successful bloggers keep writing without looking at your traffic stats.

  6. Solid tips there buddy. Stumbled.

  7. Good tips I’ll point my friend to this post he just started blogging. I was planning of doing a dummies guide to blogging series soon.

  8. @Shashank,
    That was great tip. 🙂

    That was a great tip to beginners, Read Problogger.net. 🙂

    That was the most solid tip-“NEVER GIVE UP!”

    I feel that including images in relevant areas gives more visibility to the posts.

    Thanks for the Stumble. Appreciate it. 🙂

    Waiting for your guide. 🙂

  9. Great tips Nirmal , you covered all the essential points .

  10. @Madhur,
    Glad that you liked the article.

  11. Great tips nirmal, I think in my article of blogging tips , i think i missed many points 😉 which are covered here.

  12. @Kanak,
    I checked out your post, those are really great tips for getting started.

  13. Great tips Nirmal. these are a must have.
    Agree completely to reviewsaurus, Problogeer.net has helped me a lot. Agree Ashwin as well. Never give up if you are not able to earn that much

  14. Really Good tips Nirmal !

  15. Stick to your blog’s theme! Thats the mantra for success. Really halpful tips Nirmal. Thanks a lot. Know your strengths and work on it..

  16. Awesome tips! – Stumbled

  17. @Suresh,
    Thanks for that add. 🙂

    Thanks for the Stumble, appreciate it. 🙂

  18. Hey

    That is a nice post with some good tips.. Well i think it is imperative for a blogger to post regularly before you consider any of the above points you discussed above

    What do you say

  19. @Kishore,
    Thanks for the visit. Posting frequency is one thing which is debated frequently in blogosphere. I feel if you can post 4-5 articles a week, then its really good.

  20. @Ashok
    superb tip i agree ..
    keep writing without looking at your traffic stats ..enjoy blogging as blogging.

  21. Hey really hard tips, I think the most important are the niche of the blog and the fastness of the blog – they do a lot!

  22. Great on as usual! I wonder why Nirmal stick to the magic number 7 these days 🙂

  23. @Ben,
    Nothing like I stick to 7. When I start writing posts, it always ends up in 7 or 5. 😀 Will try for a different number next time. 🙂

  24. Nirmal – good tips. I’ve linked to this post as well.


  25. Great tips. I have my comments set up so that each person has to be previously excepted to comment in the future. This keeps out spam that happens to float through the creases and it makes it easier for returning visiors.

  26. very useful…..Keep posted!

  27. Thank you for your solid tips, Nirmal, I think I’d like to start my own blog. 🙂

  28. The first point is the strongest one IMHO. It is better to blog on what you are expert in, and you will never be short of ideas.

  29. 😳 Thank you Nirmal for the tips. I am totally new to this. I have already started posting articles. I am still not clear about the difference between article & blog. Are they more or less same ? Your guidance is required.

  30. Excellent tips! One of my favorite beginners tips is to make certain you set your RSS feeds to Summary instead of the whole content – that way, your original blog post will be considered the original authentic one (as anyone who includes your RSS feed will be provided with only the snippets).

    Best wishes,


  31. Very good tips…I’m surprised that you don’t suggest bloggers to install captcha as spam guard system. Not many people have the same opinion. However , for me to make readers feel trusted is also important too.

  32. Thank you for great tips, I started blogging and this post is very useful for me.

  33. pretty straight forward and easy yet useful tips 🙂

  34. Great Tips, definitely Very good for both beginners and experts.


  35. Excellent tips for a beginner! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Thanks for tips and thanks for sharing to us.

  37. Thanks for tips…i am also beginner too 🙂

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