Most of us must have configured Outlook for sending and receiving mails. Some of the mails sent might be important and urgent and it may be important to know if the recipient has read the mail. For this there is a functionality called Read Receipt which can be configured easily on your Outlook. You can configure Read Receipt for a single message as well as for all the messages sent from your Outlook Inbox.
Steps to configure Read Receipt;

1. Configure Read Receipt for all Mails:

Go to Tools->Options->Select Preferences Tab. Here you can find a button named Email Options. In the Email Option window, select Tracking Options.

Outlook Read Receipt

Enabling the Read Receipt here will make sure that all the messages sent from your inbox will have the receipt attached to it. You can even select the delivery report checkbox to make sure that the email is delivered.

2. Configure Read Receipt for Individual Mails:

To add a read receipt to individual mail, Select a new mail to compose. Click on the Options button.

Outlook Options

Check the option-Request a read receipt for this message. You can also activate delivery report for a single mail.

Outlook Read Receipt

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NB: Images shown above are from Outlook 2003.