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How to Create Your Own Firefox Toolbar

When you first install Firefox, the toolbar contains only default options liked back, forward, refresh, and stop buttons. For those people who like to do more with Firefox, it offers you to customize the toolbar and also to create a new toolbar.

The process of creating a toolbar is really simple. Go to menu View-> Toolbars-> Customize


You get the customize toolbar box and here all the items are available. In this box you can see a button called Add New Toolbar.


A dialog will now appear, asking you to enter a name for your new toolbar. Enter the desired name in the edit field provided and click OK. Once this is done, you can see a blank row added below the default option. Now you can drag and drop the items to this toolbar.

You can also select the way you want to display the Icons. It can be icons, text or icons and text together. Once you are done with customization, Click done and you have the new toolbar in your Firefox. If you want to remove anything from the toolbar follow the same process and drag and drop it to the blank space in the customization window.

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  1. That is the power of Firefox. I wonder when we can see a great browser from Microsoft. Hmm IE really sucks!

  2. I never use IE, unless the site does not support Firefox. When I checked my analytics report recently, I found that 25% of my readers are using IE.

  3. Hmm… good guide there.

    If you want to customize your FX to the next level, then you can try these 2 FX Extensions. Menu Editor and UI Tweaker (I’m not posting the URL as this comment might in spam folder). You can change the way your FX looks and remove all the unwanted items in your menu and the things that appear when you right click.

    kuanhoong –
    Same as in IE. Go to menu View-> Toolbars-> Customize :mrgreen:
    You can also customize IE like what we’re doing in this article.

  4. I like firefox as well. Nice to see more features on the browser!!!

  5. @Ashwin,
    Right now I’m not trying out the extension as I already have lot of extensions installed in my FX. Dont know when it will crash with all those. :mrgreen:

  6. IE might not be the best but it does it’s job pretty well and it doesn’t matter which one I use, as long as it doesn’t crash! I use 3 browsers FX, IE & Netscape as I need how pages show up on each on them. 😎

  7. It’s better not to install too many extension, Nirmal! I got crashed several times before. 😈

  8. I have removed most of the extension, it was also slowing down FX and also increasing the memory consumption.

  9. Great Move! Trunk down useless extension will let your fire-fox running faster! Wuzz-Wuzzz! 😀

  10. I really need some toolbars, but they occupy too much space. Will try this tip to merge toolbars!

  11. Hmm.. I have over 20 extensions (but I might uninstall one or two) and still nothing happened to my FX.

  12. Half of my visitors use IE and I am looking for ways to make more people FF users.

  13. @Vijay,
    Most of the tech bloggers and people working in Tech areas use Firefox. IE is also having its own share of users. 🙂

  14. Nice tip. Thanks for sharing.

  15. cool tutorial.. is it too much to ask for a tutorial on how to create an add in?.. I’m not good at all this stuff

  16. … but i do love firefox, and wish i could easily expand it more.. and not use up so much memory

  17. @Cottage,
    I have never tried creating an Add-on. If I try I’ll definitely write a tutorial on it.
    BTW thanks for the visit.

  18. that why firefox is the best for me.. really hate INternet explorer… as a developer firefox is a very big help…

  19. mostly when u use FIREBUG… that its lot of your system resources and may lead you to unnormal function of firefox

  20. this post is really one of my favorites 😉

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