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How to Make Windows 10 Booting Faster

When you install Windows 10 on your laptop or desktop, it is optimized for the best performance. But over a period of usage, you might have added or installed a lot of applications on your PC. Some of these applications are automatically added to Windows 10 startup even though they might not be required at startup. This, in turn, has two issues, the application startup slows down your Windows boot up, and secondly, the application is unnecessarily started and running in the background even though you might not be using it. So how to make Windows 10 booting faster?

make windows 10 booting faster

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How to Manage Windows 10 Startup:

In order to manage Windows 10 startup, you need to open task manager. Follow the steps below.

1. To open task manager, right click on the taskbar below and you can select “Task Manager” from the right click options. This will open the task manager.

2. In the task manager, you will see an option “More details“, click on this.

make windows 10 booting faster

3. Now select the Startup tab from the task manager. Here you will see the list of all apps which are started when Windows 10 boots.

make windows 10 booting faster

4. If you see any unwanted apps in the startup list, you can simply right-click on the entry and select disable.


5. Once you have clicked disable, the app will be removed from the startup, but it will remain on the list, but will no longer launch automatically when your PC is switched on. If you want to enable it again just right click on it and select Enable.

Once you clean up the startup list, you will be able to see improved performance in the startup time for your Windows 10. It is advised to check Windows 10 startup once in a while to see if there are new applications added to the list.

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