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Google+ Desktop Gadget for Windows 7

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Google+ Desktop Gadget for Windows 7

Google+ has gained good momentum initially and Google was able to add some new features including games in Google+. If you are a Google Plus user, then here is a desktop gadget for Google+ for Windows 7. G+7 is a free desktop gadget for Windows 7 users which brings in Google+ to desktop and you can access your stream and updates from friends easily.

Google  gadget

The gadget comes with different sizes for docking and you can select the one which is suitable for your desktop. There are only predefined sizes and you cannot set custom sizes. There is option only to view your Google+ feed, no option to update them. If you click on any feed item, it opens a window where you can see more details and comments.

Feed view

G+7 is for people who are very much active on Google+ and also follow lots of friends in Google+.

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