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Facebook has rolled out a new profile page some time back last month and one of the main changes was the availability of tagged images alongside your profile photo. You can apply your own creativity and make a stunning profile. Although there are many Facebook apps which does this job, Facebook Profile Picture Hacker is a nice freeware tool which allows you to create a photo set which can be uploaded to your Facebook album and create a stunning profile image.

Facebook Profile Image creator

A total of 6 images are needed and of course one of them is your profile image and rest are tagged ones. You can import any image of your choice into the tool and then pan or zoom it to the required size. What makes this app even more better is the fact that there is support for text, so you can add your 6 letter or below words into the profile image as shown above. The font and text color are customizable. There is also option to flip the image horizontally or vertically.

When you click Save Slices, it creates the 6 images with names Slice0 to Slice5. Upload these images to your Facebook by creating a new album. Tag yourself in all the images except Slice0 and then use Slice0 as your Facebook profile image.

Thats it and you can see the stunning new Facebook profile in action.

Download Facebook Profile Picture Hacker

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  1. I used facebook profile maker app. that was more easy and creative..

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