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Use Windows 8 as Wi-Fi Hotspot


Windows 8, although has the option to create Wireless ad-hoc connections, the direct interface to create it is missing unlike Windows 7. We had detailed a method to create a wireless ad-hoc network in Windows 8 using the command prompt. ...

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How to find your Wi-Fi password in Windows


If you are using a Wi-Fi network at your home or office, it would obviously be password protected to prevent strangers or neighbours from stealing your bandwidth. Consider a situation where you have not set the Wi-Fi password, but you ...

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Enable Aero Glass Effects on Windows 8


Windows 8 comes with many UI changes including the metro UI start screen, new Windows explorer etc. Along with this Microsoft also removed the aero effects n Windows 8 and the open application windows does not show aero transparency effects. But ...

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Windows 8 Update Notifier


With the release of Windows 8, quite a lot of things have changed along with the new start screen and other UI changes. One of the smaller change is that the Windows update notifications on desktop is no longer available. ...

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