Best Android tablets below $200

best tablets below $200

Although for many users, tablets cannot replace your desktop, it still can do a lot of tasks like emails, browsing, playing games, watching movies and more. And top of these, there is also portability aspect for tablets when you are ...

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Xiaomi Redmi Note Review


Xiaomi announced their third smarpthone in the Indian market, the Redmi Note few weeks back and it is now available on sale on Flipkart. The device comes with a 5.5 inch HP display with IPS technology and is powered by ...

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7 Affordable Flagships of 2014

affordable flagships

2014 is the year we saw quite a lot of innovations in terms of hardware on Android smartphones. Along with these new hardware another major change with respect to phones was that many mobile OEMs were interested in bringing the ...

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10 Best Icon Fonts for Web Design

Icon fonts

Generally when we design websites and blog, we use icons and images to make it look better also add functionality. But the problem with images is that they require http request and moreover they need to be downloaded every time ...

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