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How to View Private Facebook Profiles

Facebook is quite different from other social networking sites in a way that there is lot of care taken for privacy measures, which means users can specify who can see their profiles and pages. There are many sites which claim that they can view protected profiles using their site, but its safe that you do not resort to such website as they might take details from your account. It is always good to respect others privacy.


If you want to view the profile of any person, here are the steps;

1. Search for the person who’s profile you want to see the profile and click on the profile ID link. You get a screen pop-up saying add the person as friend to see his/her profile.

add as friend

2. Click on Add as Friend link and wait for the person to accept your friend request.

3. If the person has no responded to the email for friend request after many days, remind him with another email. But if he has rejected your request, do not spam him with repeated request, respect his/her privacy.

4. Do not ever try to hack other people profiles.

Lets keep facebook clean and hack proof.


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