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Rescue Damaged Discs Using IsoBuster

All of us must have faced the situation of CDs and DVDs getting corrupted because of scratches and dust. The most common error when this situation occurs is “Cannot Read from source destination”. This situation occurs when there is some ...

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Get Tabbed Browing in MS Office with Intellitabs

Intellitabs provides a tabbed environment for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It makes switching between documents, workbooks or presentations much easier and simpler. Intellitabs is basically an add-on for Office and the latest version supports Office 2007 also. These add-ons ...

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4 Reasons Why I like Bluehost

This blog shifted to Bluehost on June 7th 2007 after having severe downtimes with my previous hosting. Ever since the shift, the  performances has been simply superb. Bluehost was able to handle all the traffic without any downtimes. One of ...

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5 Free Email Accounts With POP3 Access

Email account with POP3 access allows you to download the messages into your desktop email clients, like Outlook, Thunderbird etc. The advantage is that you don’t need to login to the email site to check the mails, all mails will ...

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5 Useful Thunderbird Add-ons

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the popular, safe and fast email clients which is pretty easy to use as well. Just like Firefox, Thunderbird also support a vast number of Add-ons. Listed here are the Top 5 useful add-ons for ...

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