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5 Best Android Smartphones


Android as a mobile OS has been one of the most popular one along with iPhone. There are millions of handsets being activated, running on Android every month. Android also has grown as a platform with new features and improvements ...

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AirDroid V2 Now Available for Download


AirDroid is one of the most popular and highly rated app for Android which allows you to remotely access your phone from a web browser. You could access the phone, files, messages and also the installed apps from the browser. ...

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Secure your Android phone with SecDroid


While Android is one of the most popular mobile OS with millions of devices activated every month, it is also the most popular platform for malwares and other infections. There are lot of malware apps designed to steal personal data ...

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5 Best Android Tablets


Tablet sales have been on a rise in the past two years with PC sales declining and the prediction is that tablets are going to replace PC in future. Even though in tablet sales there is only one leader, the ...

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5 NFC Apps for Android


Near Field Communication or NFC has been gaining so much popularity of late with new smartphones from Windows Phone and Android featuring NFC. NFC is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each ...

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