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Reduce iTunes CPU Usage on Windows with iTunes CPU Redux


Reduce iTunes CPU Usage on Windows with iTunes CPU Redux

iTunes is a app from Apple and it is required if you are using an iPhone or iPad to transfer files and manage the device. But iTunes is a known CPU resource hog and can sometimes take up a lot of resources on your PC making it slow. Also, iTunes comes with few companion services which are running in the background. iTunes CPU Redux is a freeware app for Windows which can reduce iTunes CPU usage and improve performance of your PC.

iTunes CPU Redux is a simple app for Windows which runs in the system tray and monitors the resources used by iTunes.

Reduce iTunes CPU usage

When you open iTunes a number of other programs could start up – all of which increase your CPU usage. These include ‘MobileDeviceService’, ‘MobileDeviceHelper’, ‘SyncServer’ and ‘distnoted’, etc. Even after you stop using iTunes, some of these services run in the background and causes wastage of CPU resources.

CPU usage

With iTunes CPU Redux, it monitors iTunes usage and see which all processes are needed. If the processes are not needed – it stops them running – saving you valuable CPU resources. iTunes CPU Redux sits in the background on your PC working away to make your iTunes experience more satisfying. You can also customize the apps operation through the simple settings panel.

The application is available free of cost and you can download from the link below.

Download iTunes CPU Redux


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