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How To Disable Windows Defender In Windows 10


How To Disable Windows Defender In Windows 10

Microsoft has included the Windows Defender app in Windows 10 similar to the way it was available in Windows 8.1. Windows Defender is a security app which protects your PC from malwares, viruses and other threats. There is no direct option to disable Windows Defender since it automatically turns on even if you disable it.

Once you disable it from settings, Windows automatically enables it again. NoDefender is a simple freeware tool which can permanently disable Windows Defender from your Windows 10.


The app is a portable app, this means you do not have to install anything. Just download the zip file from here. Unzip it and run the NoDefender.exe. In the first step, it will promprt your to open Windows defender settings and disable all the options there.

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Disable defender

This will open the settings menu. Now disable real time protection, cloud based protection and automatic sample submission.

Dsiable options

Now come back to the app and click next. In the final step, you can hit the “Disable Windows Defender” button

Disbale defender

Now, Windows Defender will be disabled on your PC. In case you want to enable it back, you can use the same app and enable it.

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