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Remix OS brings Android to PC and Mac


Remix OS brings Android to PC and Mac

If you ever wanted to run Android on a big screen and try those Play store apps on PC, then here is a new OS called Remix which is based on x86 version of Android. Remix OS for PC allows you to experience Remix OS on a vast array of existing Intel-based PCs already out in the world (including even some Macs). This new OS based on Android will be offered free to download.

Remix OS is productivity-focused OS and comes with host of features which actually should have been included in Chrome OS.

Remix OS_1

The Remix OS is based on Android Lollipop and you can install apps from the Play store. It basically is easy to use as well, you can boot it from a USB drive on your PC. Once you’ve completed the installation, you can boot up your PC using either Remix OS or whatever OS was natively installed on your machine. Since it runs from a USB drive, you can virtually carry it anywhere.

Remix OS

The UI looks beautiful and the implementation also is good. Remix OS also comes with a start menu and system tray in case you are used to Windows. It also handles all the notifications in the notification panel. The mapping of keyboards are done, so you always have your favorite keyboard shortcuts in place.

start menu

It also comes with File manager and supports external USB drives.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a recommended writing speed of 20MB/s.
  • A PC with USB legacy boot option.

Remix OS alpha build will be available from January 12th and it will be available for free download.

More details available here.

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  1. Stephen

    January 9, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Fantastic. Did you try it.

    • Nirmal

      January 10, 2016 at 11:04 pm

      Not yet, coming next week.

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