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5 Top Custom ROMs for Android

We have mentioned it many times that the best feature of Android is the amount of customizations you can do with it and this is one of the reasons why many people choose this OS above other mobile OS. You can customize your phone with wallpapers, themes, custom ROMs and more. There are a number of communities online dedicated to coding full-fledged Android ROMs, loaded with unique features and personalization options. Custom ROMs offer better features and also added features which are not available in core Android and also gives much better experience if you want more customization options.

Today, we have picked the best Custom ROMs to choose from for your Android phones if you know how to flash them. Please be warned that this is a bit complicated process and will void your phone’s warranty, so try it out at your own risk.

best custom ROMs

1. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROMs for Android and currently running on millions of Android devices worldwide and it supports a very broad range of smartphones and tablets. The stable releases based on the most recent version of Android available are being released on a regular basis, so you can update your ROM frequently with new features.


2. AOKP:

AOKP is yet another ROM which is running on millions of devices. AOKP has features that you will not find on your stock firmware. You can have a multitude of toggles to quickly flip a lot of your phone’s settings right at your fingertips, or you can launch apps quickly from any screen using our Ribbons.

3. Paranoid:

Paranoid Android features the so-called Hybrid mode which allows the users to scale every app, widget, or a system component on the device. You can choose a mode for every element without even having to adjust the system’s DPI setting.



MIUI is yet another ROM packed with tons of cool features and it also includes a virus scanner, an anti-spam tool, data usage counter, back-up manager, and a service allowing one to find their lost device. There is also support for themes which allows users to customize their home screen, lock screen etc.


5. Liquid Smooth:

Liquid Smooth is yet another custom ROM which is working on the Kitkat version of its ROM. There are quite a lot of customization features including support for themes. You can also customize the software and hardware buttons and the status bar to your liking.


These are some of the best ROMs available for Android and there are many other ROMs which have been created by users and you can download them from the XDA developers forum.

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  1. Nice that MIUI but even these days it haves big problems reading storage. Tried on my Nexus 4 and after flashing is required to run an app called “Media Scanner” in order to see the storage space. Hope the future releases will eliminate this issue.

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