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Get Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen for Android Phones


Get Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen for Android Phones

Early this year, Ubuntu has unveiled the new Ubuntu Touch OS for smartphones and the first release was made available in February. It came with quite a lot of options including customizations and a new lockscreen with animations. The lock screen had a unique animation along with notifications for apps. Now if you liked this animation of Ubuntu Touch, you can now get the same effects on any Android phone using the free app Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen.

Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen is a simple and elegant lockscreen app which displays the notifications in a circle with animations similar to the Ubuntu Touch OS. As of now the app comes with notifications for SMS and missed calls.

Screenshot_2013-08-08-01-32-11 Screenshot_2013-08-08-01-32-17

There are quite a lot of settings and configurations available. You can change the colors and disable or enable the animation. You can also run the lock screen in full screen mode there by disabling the notification area. Once the lock screen is enabled, you can swipe to left side to unlock it. You can also set the password from security settings and it will prompt for password once you try to unlock it by swiping.

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Screenshot_2013-08-08-01-32-32 Screenshot_2013-08-08-01-32-40

Although the app is currently under development, it still works well and we might see more features in the coming version.

Here is a quick video demo of Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen:

The app is not yet submitted to Google Play store, you can download it from XDA Developers forum.

Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen

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