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3 Best Apps to Use Android Phone or Tablet as a Second Monitor

Using dual monitor set up is now common as it improves productivity and gets better while at work. A second monitor always improves you productivity by organising your workspace across different screens. With tablets becoming more and more popular, it is an ideal choice for a second monitor.

With Android tablets coming out in various screen sizes (and also Android phones coming in 5.0 inch and above screen sizes), you can consider using it as a secondary display. To extend your Windows or Mac desktop to Android tablet or phone, you need to have third party apps installed on both devices.

So if you plan to use your Android device as a second monitor, here are the best apps to get started.

1. Air Display:

With Air Display, you can use your Android screen as a wireless display, to extend your computer desktop. In order for Air Display to work, your computer and Android device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Air Display’s performance is extremely responsive, employing a unique dynamic compression algorithm. On a typical Wi-Fi network, mouse cursor refreshes are indistinguishable from a wired mouse. Air Display works in both landscape and portrait configurations.

Air Display not only gives you a wireless computer screen extender or mirror, but also works as a tablet input device. You can use your finger to draw directly on the screen’s surface.


Ai Display is priced at $4.99.

2. iDisplay:

With iDisplay, you can turn your Android tablet or phone into additional display for your Mac or Windows computer. Increase your personal productivity by extending your computer screen. You need to install the app for Windows and Mac to connect.

iDisplay lets you interact with your additional display: move objects, draw, control playback, Zoom and Pan your desktop right on your Android. Easily switch between portrait and landscape screen orientations: simply rotate your device and it will adjust automatically.


3. ScreenSlider:

With ScreenSlider, you can use your Android device as a wireless external monitor for your computer and take advantage of the extra screen real estate to see and do more. An optional ScreenSlider Pro in-app upgrade enables a number of touch-based features including pinch-to-zoom, mirror mode, right/left click and more allowing you to view and interact with PC apps without a mouse and physical keyboard or without the need to be right next to your PC. The ScreenSlider Pro in-app upgrade is $4.99.


Please note, you need to have both the tablet and desktop connected to same Wi-Fi network for these apps to work.

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