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Multitasking App for Android- Sidebar


Multitasking App for Android- Sidebar

Recently we had covered about Swapps, a ultimate multi tasking tool for Android phones along with Ubuntu styled app launcher. Here is another cool free app called Sidebar, which is again a multi taking tool for Android smartphones. With Sidebar, you can configure the list of your popular and most used apps and add them to Sidebar. You can populate the sidebar with your favorite apps, and simply swipe in from the edge of the screen to gain instant access to the apps you use most.

By default Sidebar does not display all your installed apps, but only the ones you list. You can configure the position, width, height etc of the sidebar and the apps.



  • Fast, fluid, and immersive animations are integrated within Sidebar that keep it as quick as possible, yet help to add a dash of elegance to its presence.
  • A simple Add button appended at the end of the sidebar summons a menu listing all the apps installed on your system. Simply pick an app, and it will be added to the sidebar for quick access.
  • To dock the sidebar, simply select an app or touch outside
  • To remove an app, simply swipe it out of the sidebar! Alternatively, long pressing will bring up further options such as inserting and replacing.
  •  Add widgets: many widgets/toggles are included (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Brightness, and Torch)


  • Starting on boot
  • Adjusting the width & opacity of the bar
  • Adjusting the color scheme & position
  • Enabling/Disabling animations
  • Adjusting the swipe sensitivity
  • Enabling/Disabling vibration

Sidebar Lite is limited in settings and the number of apps that can be added which is set to 8. The basic fluid, fast, multitasking capability is still there. It is a trimmed version of the fully customizable Sidebar Pro. Sidebar Pro removes all restrictions and you can do all customizations for $1.99. Sidebar is a nice app which is useful, fast and fluid and does the job perfectly.

Download Sidebar | Pro version


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