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22 Awesome Mobile Themes and Plugins for WordPress


22 Awesome Mobile Themes and Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is the best blogging tool available with tons of features, themes and plugins to customize. When you have a good them running on the blog, it is also necessary that you have a separate theme available for mobile readers. With the increase in smartphone usage, it makes sense to have a dedicated mobile theme for your blog. This theme is loaded only when you visit the blog from a mobile device or a tablet (iPad).

Moreover mobile themes also help in reducing the data usage and help users load the page much more faster than the desktop theme. There are many free as well as paid WordPress mobile themes and plugins. In this article, we have picked the best ones to convert your blog into mobile version when opened from a mobile device.

1. Simple Mobile:

Simple Mobile is a WordPress theme designed for mobile devices, especially iPhone. It can be used parallel with another theme and presented to mobile users only or you can use it traditional way – present it both to desktop computers and mobile devices users. The theme comes with 8 preset colors for customization.

Simple Mobile Simple Mobile_1

2. My Mobile V2:

My Mobile Page V2 WordPress Theme is a unique WordPress mobile theme with some amazing features, 100 % customizable, fluid layout, automatically resized to every mobile resolution, auto device orientation resizable, custom admin panel.

My Mobile

3. 1stGiantLeap Mobile:

1stGiantLeap Mobile is a HTML5 /CSS3 template tuned to look perfect in mobile browsers. The markup is device orientation (landscape/portrait) sensitive, so when you change device orientation by rotating it 90 degrees CW or CCW this template will look nice.

Giant Leap

4. WOW! mySite WordPress Mobile Theme:

WOW ! mySite is a WordPress theme optimised for mobile devices. It comes with nine customisable preset colour schemes, powerful theme configuration options and multiple page templates. Add your own high resolution logo, custom fonts and shortcodes and fine tune it.

WowMySite WowMySite_1

5. Touch Mobile & Tablet WordPress Theme:

Touch Mobile & Tablet is a WordPress theme built with HTML5 and CSS3 for mobile and tablet devices. It is a fluid design that will adjust to screen size and orientation of the device and is suitable for business and personal sites. The theme has been built to feel like a native app with slide transitions between pages. It includes lots of shortcodes and a theme options page which together enable complete customization of colors and layout.


6. My Mobile Page V3:

My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme is the third version of “My mobile page” WordPress mobile theme series. The WordPress version comes with a custom ajax powered admin panel, from where you can setup the theme and his features. You can customize the home navigation menu, adding and editing the icons and the numbers of pages to display.


7. mobiTheme:

mobiTheme is a mobile theme for WordPress. It can be used either as a standalone blog OR in conjunction with one of the many plugins that offer theme switching according to the users platform. Although compact in design, this theme offers all the features to the user that a normal WordPress blog theme has to offer, in other words it doesn’t cripple the users browsing experience by hiding archives and categories selection and other browsing options.

02_Homepage mobitheme

8. SOFA iBloggr:

Sofa iBloggr is the very first WordPress theme made exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It perfectly fits to 320px wide screen without the need for screen orientation switch. All other desktop computer Browsers are capable to run this theme with no issues as well.

Sofa iBloggrSofa iBloggr_1

9. iWorld:

iWorld is a WordPress theme designed exclusively for iPod Touch and iPhone, Can be use for corporative site, portfolio, blog. To set this theme to display only for mobile device, you can use any plugin which will detect mobile browsers and then redirect to this theme.


10. iKon:

iKon is WordPress theme designed exclusive for iPhoneand Android devices. In case if you want to use this theme on the same WP installation with your main desktop theme the ikon-option plugin will allow you to set all the options of the iKon theme without to activate it.


11. Breathe:

Breathe is a heavily themed jQuery Mobile based template which suits the best for your blog or portfolio page and it’s easy customizable via Theme Options. It comes with 6 main themes to choose from along with pages and shortcodes.


12. Stacker:

This is yet another responsive theme with fluid width. You can activate the theme only for mobile versions using the plugin. The theme also supports footer widgets and other theme options.

Stacker Stacker

13. Mobius (Free):

Möbius — is a popular free mobile optimized WordPress theme. It has attractive mobile and desktop design useful for entertainment, news and personal blogs. It can also be used for the mobile view only along with WordPress Mobile Pack plugin.



14. jQMobile (Free):

jQMobile is a free mobile optimized WordPress theme based on jQuery Mobile framework. It can represent your blog in mobile and/or desktop browsers. You may use it for the mobile view only along with WordPress Mobile Pack plugin.


Themes Based on Plugins:

15. Handheld:

HandHeld is a WordPress plugin that works alongside your normal theme, serving an alternate layout to your mobile visitors. This alternate design creates an enhanced mobile experience, and is only shown to your users when they visit your website on a mobile device. HandHeld will work beautifully on modern Android and IOS phones, and is coded in HTML5.


16. OBox Mobile:

Obox Mobile is a WordPress Plugin which converts your main site into a mobile friendly destination for visitors using their smart phones. Obox Mobile works by detecting supported devices like iPhones, Android & Blackberry and more, serving an optimized theme instead of your regular desktop theme.


17. Wp Touch Pro:

WPtouch Pro is a WordPress plugin to add powerful, easy-to-use themes for mobile + tablet visitors. It’s also a theming framework, great for creating mobile & tablet themes for your clients. It works by detecting devices like iPhone, iPad, Android & and more, serving its optimized themes instead of your regular desktop theme. Visitors can always switch back if they choose.

WP touch PRo

18. MobilePress (Free):

MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that will render your WordPress blog on mobile handsets, with the ability to use customized themes. Built into MobilePress is the ability to track your mobile sites analytics and serve ads. The plugin allows WordPress theme developers to create custom mobile themes for MobilePress enabled blogs.


19. WordPress Mobile Edition (Free):

WordPress Mobile Edition is a plugin that shows an interface designed for a mobile device when visitors come to your site on a mobile device. Mobile browsers are automatically detected, the list of mobile browsers can be customized on the settings page.

Mobile edition

20. WordPress Mobile Pack (Free):

The WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog. It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts.

Mobile pack

21. WPtap News Press (Free):

The News Press mobile plugin/theme for WordPress is a simple and elegant solution for creating an iPhone-friendly News, Blog, and other text-centric WordPress sites. It comes complete with all the standard WordPress blog features: search, login, categories, tags, archives, photos & more. It also offers many customization features through a user-friendly WordPress admin panel. It will instantly turn your WordPress site into a mobile application experience.

Tap news


22. Onbile Plugin (Free):

With Onbile your WordPress have a Mobile Version. With this plugin your users can visit your WordPress with theirs smartphones and visualize all content in a friendly way.It features multiple themes, multiple configuration and total customization with change colors, texts, icons, background, etc.


Although there are many more themes, we have picked only the best ones, if you have a good theme, please share it in comments.

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