Facebook has announced the Timeline feature back in September 2011 and it was a major change in the profile page. The Timeline has many new features which allows you to add events to your profile, set cover picture and new look and feel. Initially the Facebook timeline was rolled out to only few account and with the option to switch back to old layout. But recently Facebook has rolled out the new Timeline to all account and there is no option to switch back to old layout. When using Facebook, if you are not happy with the timeline feature, then you can use this extension for Google Chrome called TimelineRemove.


Once you have installed the extension, open the profile page of Facebook and you can see timeline is disabled and the extension brings the old format. This is applicable for all profile views on Facebook on Chrome.

Disabled timeline

Please note that your friends will still be viewing your profile in timeline and will switch to old layout only if they are using the extension on their Chrome.

Download TimelineRemove