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[How to] Use Google Web Fonts on Windows


[How to] Use Google Web Fonts on Windows

Google had debuted the web fonts back in 2010 and now it contains hundreds of web fonts which are more fancy and attractive than the traditional fonts. We had covered on how to use web fonts on websites using the font face feature. When using Google Web fonts, you can simply embed them using an import declaration. What if you want to use Google Web fonts on your Windows PC? All the fonts in Google Web Fonts directory are open source, so you can download them and use it on local PC. There are multiple ways to download the Google Fonts based on whether you want to download few fonts or the entire collection.

If you want to download only selected web fonts, you can add each of the fonts you want, to the collection using the option available. Against each font you can see an option “Add to collection” and once you have added all the fonts, use the link to download the collection.

Download Google web fonts

At the top right corner, you can see a link to download the fonts you have added to collection. The fonts will be downloaded as zip file and you can simply install them on to your Windows. You can also drag and drop these fonts to the Fonts directory in Windows.

Download font collection

If you want to download the entire font collection (list of all the fonts available in Google fonts), then you can visit this page on Google Code. Here you can see instructions to download all the fonts for Windows, Mac and Linux. The entire collection is over 700MB is size. Unless you require the entire collection, the first method is always better.

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1 Comment

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