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Automatically Delete Files from Selected Folders in Windows


Automatically Delete Files from Selected Folders in Windows

When you browse the internet, over a period of time lot of junk files in the form of temporary files are accumulated in your PC. These not only consume space on your hard disk but also slow up your PC. So it is necessary to clean up files once in while. With AutoDelete, this job of cleaning temp files is easier. We have covered this app previously, but the new version has new interface and new features. AutoDelete allows you to select folders for automatic deletion and based on the filters you have set, the files in the folders are deleted.

Auto Delete

You can add any number of folders into the list to monitor for deletion. For each folder you have added to the interface, you can set file age that should trigger a deletion and also configure additional file name filters to customize which files should be deleted. There is also options on what kind of deletion should be done like recycle bin or secure deletion or moving to another folder etc.

Delete options

The clean up is done on system start up only so it does not stay open in the background or you can run the clean up manually. Although the tool works well, it would have been useful if there was an option to populate the default temp folders in Windows, so that users don’t have to manually select them. Overall, a nice tool to automatically delete contents rom a folders.

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