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Why Creating a Google+ Page for your Blog/ Website is Important

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Why Creating a Google+ Page for your Blog/ Website is Important

Google+ was third social networking attempt from Google after the unsuccessful ventures of Buzz and Wave. But soon after the release of Google+, it was well accepted by users as there was something new to offer for users. Google also released few other updates to Google+ subsequently which included Creative Kit for editing images and also the new pages for blog and websites (brands). Google+ pages is very much similar to Facebook pages where users can add your blog or website page and they get all the updates you publish.

How to Create a Google+ Page:

Creating a Google+ page for your blog or website is very easy. All you need to do is to go to this page and then select the appropriate category and start creating the page. You will need a Google ID to start creating the page.

Why is Google+ Page Important:

Well, this is the most important question. When your brand or website is already on much more popular Facebook and Twitter, why spend time creating a new page on Google+. There are many reasons for this and we will analyse them.

New platform which is emerging:

When your brand is on Facebook, which has more than 800 million users, there are chances that the updates might be missed in the millions of updates posted every day. But with Google+ user base of 20 million, brands might be more visible. There are more chances of direct interaction with readers using the hangout and direct messages options. Companies can use the hangout feature to have a live chat with customers without having to set up any other paid options.

Integration with Google Search and other products:

The integration of Google+ with other Google products especially Google search is very important. Google+ posts are now getting added into Google searches and I have seen many instances where the Google+ post ranked well ahead of the original post. So in such situations, you still get traffic to your blog although the original page never made it to the top 10 in Google Search.

Google Plus

In future the Google +1’s might play an important role in rankings of pages on Google search. The button is almost integrated in all Google services like image search, YouTube and also has options to add it to your blog or website.

Overall we feel that creating a Google+ page for your brand/blog or website is important considering its integration with other Google services.

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