There are many file sharing sites online and these gives you free account as well as paid accounts. But the problem with these accounts is that most of these does not have a desktop client, which means if your internet connection goes in between you need to start upload again. Neembuu Uploader is a freeware and opensource Java application that uploads files simultaneously to multiple file hosts and lets you manage the download and delete URLs.

Upload files

The app supports variety of file hosting services including You can configure the accounts from the accounts manager page.

Accounts manager

If you have a good internet connection, you can increase the maximum number of uploads limit. This change will be saved and you will never have to set it for every launch. The app allows you to drag and drop files on to the interface for uploading. Apart from download links, some sites provide delete links to delete the files. After your recipient downloads it, you might want to delete it and this tool provides the option.

The app is portable and requires Java for running.

Overall Neembuu uploader is a very good tool to upload files from desktop.

Download Neembuu Uploader