Facebook being one of the most popular and largely used social networking site, is always prone to phishing attacks of many types. Facebook phishing pages are very similar to the original Facebook login page which, when you enter your login account with the password then you will automatically direct data to the perpetrators of hackers. The best way to protect against these to manually type the login URL instead of clicking links from emails and other sources.

Facebook Login

1. The official Facebook login page is http://www.facebook.com/ and it is best to type this in your browser or use a bookmark to save it.

2. In case you want to login to Facebook from your mobile phone, then there are app for various mobile phones like Nokia, iPhone, Windows mobile etc which can be downloaded from here.

3. If you want to use the web interface from mobile, then use http://m.facebook.com/login.php to login to Facebook.

Previously Facebook used to have a lite version, but this version is no longer available and redirects to original page.