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How to Disable or Uninstall Window Live Family Safety


How to Disable or Uninstall Window Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety (FSS is a free product from Microsoft, for enabling parental controls in Windows and it comes with Windows Live Essentials Suite. Its features allows users to set guidelines and restrictions for children surfing on the internet and allows parents to monitor their children’s web activities. Now if you have installed all the programs while installing Windows Live, Family safety will be enabled and it might cause error while opening some sites as the default setting is basic mode.


If you do not want to remove Family safety, you can log into the online service and change the settings. But if you are the only user accessing the PC, these settings might be annoying. You can either disable Family safety or uninstall Family safety using the steps below.

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1. Disable Family Safety– To disable family safety service and also to stop from start up items, Click Start=> Run and type services.msc and click enter. This opens up the services under in Windows. Here you can see and entry by name “Windows Live Family Safety” which is enabled by default and loads at start up.

Family Safety disable

Select Startup Type as Disabled and also Stop the service in case it is already running. Click OK and apply the settings. This will disable Family safety unless you manually start the service.

2. Uninstall Family Safety: – If you are the only person using the PC, then it might make sense uninstalling the application which comes bundled with Windows Live Suite. Open Programs and Features (Control Panel=> All Control Panel Items => Programs and Features) and click on the Windows Live essentials and select Uninstall.

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Uninstall Windows Live

Click Continue and in the next Window, select Family Safety and then continue.

Family Safety Uninstall

This will uninstall Family Safety from your computer.

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  2. Rodger

    March 15, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Family Safety is a great idea and I applaud Microsoft for thinking of the Family…. However, as the sole user of my PC and not only that, being 40 and online longer than most IT/MS Techs have even been alive (slight exageration)
    I do not want this on by default, if I need it, I will ask for it, having the software already installed and with the system is great, having it lock me out of things on the assumption I am 11 y/o is NOT great..
    Bad Move Microsoft.

  3. roman^^

    September 16, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    i have the problem that family safety blocks all antivir programms i want to install, so i’m only able to run the windows-antivir -.-
    the next point is that the point ‘disable’ doest’n work, cause the programm isn’t listed up in the ‘services’!!
    ad i still can’t install another antivir programm o_O

  4. depix22

    January 10, 2013 at 3:58 am

    mt fucking dad restricted me from all downloads which is bullshit cause he never uses this
    computer at all god dammit help I have a windows 8 laptop and I cant bypass family safetey

    • Matthew H

      March 31, 2013 at 10:50 am

      Your telling me bro My dad makes has control over EVERYTHING on my computer I keep telling him its fucking annoying and I wont play it after bed but he keeps saying the same dam thing ” There is bad stuff just one click away” And im like in my head WHO CARES I bet you he was allowed to watch porn and stuff (Not going to watch porn anyways)But really hes a computer geek and thinks hes clever when really hes a pain in the ass help anyone?

      Sorry for bad punctuation and spelling im only 13 Also he has this thing on family safety where my computer turns off automatically like my bed time at the moment is 10 PM and he make my computer turn off at 7 pm and im like in a middle of minecraft building and BAM bye bye 2 hours of hard work ITS SOOO GAY I CAN EVEN WATCH YOU TUBE! That’s how gay my dad is everyone Also heres a list of things that are automaticly blocked (Im 13 by the way).You tube

      . Facebook


      A game called ROBLOX (says it uses to much broad ban)

      an praticly any other site with lots of peps on it

      he wont let me go multy player on minecraft that’s how shit he is.
      Please reply and give me advice on how to tell my dad to TURN THIS STUPID PIECE OF CRAP OFF!

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