How to Submit your Website to Bing

Microsoft’s new decision search engine, Bing which was released this week is already in discussion. Many webmasters have claimed that they have started getting good traffic from Bing. You can submit your website or blog to Bing and start getting traffic from Bing. Once you submit your website, you will need to verify it. This feature is available in Bing’s webmasters tool which can be accessed from the extra menu at the top right hand corner.

How to Add Website/ blog to Bing:

1. Navigate to this URL if you want to submit your website to Bing. You will need to sign in with your Windows Live ID to access the webmaster center.

2. Enter the website URL and also sitemap URL (sitemap is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to add one).

3. Next step is to verify your website and this can be done either with XML verification or HTML meta tag verification. You can get more details from the help center.

4. Once your website or blog is validated, you can see the complete details of the website submitted like number of URLs indexed, any issues with the crawling etc.

The webmasters tool allows you to check crawl issues, back links, outbound links and also sitemap.

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  • I submitted to index my site using cpanel attracta tool. After submitting to index from attracta tool we manually need to submit to index or not.

  • Hi Nirmal, I didn’t even know Bing existed until I started seeing traffic coming from it. Apparently, I don’t need to submit this particular website (but need to submit others).

  • Thanks for this usefull info...and i also want to submit my blog to bing.Hope it works for me and thanks again for this useful post.

  • very nice representation and i understand how to submit website to bing and thanks carry on good work.