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Launch Multiple Programs with a Single Shortcut- Utility Launcher


Launch Multiple Programs with a Single Shortcut- Utility Launcher

Few days back we has written about a free utility which can launch multiple programs with a single click, now here is another application which can launch up to 20 programs with a single shortcut. Utility launcher is a free utility which allows you to launch maximum of 20 application from a single shortcut from anywhere.

Utility Launcher

This application does not require any installation, just unzip the files to a directory of your choice and run the Utility Launcher.exe. To load the list of utilities to be launched, simply click the “Add A Utility To List” in the Menu and navigate to the desired Program (.exe) file.  Click / Open the Program file. Repeat to load the desired Programs / Utilities into the Utilities List.

Once the programs are selected, you can save the list and it creates a file called list.txt inside the application folder. The applications are launched in the same order as in the list.

Now you can create  a shortcut of the launcher in the desktop and then quickly launch all listed applications easily. The application also has a tiny version which is just 60kb in size, but has lesser UI features.

Download Utility Launcher

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