Seam Carving does image resizing in a different way from the normal image resize. The principal of Seam Carving is the retain the portion of image which is important and remove the rest portion. Seam Carving is not only limited to reducing the image size, but it is also helpful in image enlargement. This program has the ability to analyze the contents of image based on the input as important and removable areas.

Seam Carving

Seam Carving GUI is a freeware application for doing seam carving. In this application we select the areas in the image which are important or select the areas which are to be removed and the program does a good job of resizing based on our input. You can select the view menu to see the horizontal and vertical energy levels of the image.

Photo resizing based on Seam carving is not suited for all images, but will have good effect if the image has lots of areas to be removed. In this context the normal image resize wont be a good idea to have. Try out Seam Carving for yourself and check the effect.

Download Seam Carving GUI