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4 Ways to Watch DivX Hollywood Movies Online

Previously we have written on how to watch latest Hindi Movies online and also listen to latest Bollywood songs. There are many sites which offer good quality Hollywood movies online for free. Some of these sites also offer old classic movies which may not be available in CD/DVDs. So here is the list of top 4 sites which offer good quality Hollywood movies online.

1. Joox –Joox is a good site for watching movies online although Joox does not host any movies on their servers. They have a great collection of latest English movies. You will need to install the DivX Plugin to watch movies. Joox offers download links of movies.


Joox Home Page

2. 66Stage- 66Stage is an updated collection of high quality streaming movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Comedy Shows, Anime, Cartoons and more. To be able to watch DivX movies you need to have The DivX Web Player available. 66Stage also offers download URLs for movies listed.

66Stage Home Page

3. Emol- Emol.org is different from other sites in the way that it has a great collection of classic English movies. Emol catalog includes a selected collection of nearly 200 classic films- comedies, cartoons, dramas, romance, westerns, classic TV shows and dozens of music videos, video clips and movie trailers.


4. Movie Rumor- Movie Rumor has less number of movie titles when compared to Joox and 66Stage, but it does have latest collection of movies.

Movie Rumor

Movies are categories into various segments for easy search.


Movie Rumor Home Page

There are quite a few other sites which offer free movies online, if you find any more good ones, please do share in comments.

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  1. Hehe, one of my posts was scheduled with similar services, have updated it now to include link to here 😛

  2. Nice and clean work.
    Will we soon “Watch Malayalam/Tamil/Telugu/Bengali etc etc.. movies online ?” 😀 😀

  3. 1st place goes to Joox
    2nd > Movie Rumor

    For classic movies, Emol is the best.

    I dont recommend 66stage as you cant directly download from them.
    You need to pay and create an account inorder to download from them.

    It’s completely free on Joox, to download movies.
    Just a few clicks and you get the link.
    Those few clicks are really necessary as they contain ADs which helps them to meet the server needs.
    Do remember that IT IS DIVX, not anything else.

  4. @Keith,
    I saw the post in the reader, thanks for the link.

    Good to see the feedback on all the services. BTW if you checked my post on how to watch Bollywood movies online, it covers all the other regional languages also.

  5. I havent tried any of these. So gonna check them out. Btw, are these services legit or do they fall in the grey area?

  6. Joox was very famous in our college. One other used to be Stage6 but it was shut down

  7. You may add http://www.muft.tv in your Listing Nirmal


  8. nice list nirmal…i think you should add surfthechannel.com too as it also has good collection of divx movies

  9. You forgot to mention http://www.hulu.com. They have movies, TV shows.

    There are some HD movies too. It is great to watch movies with full screen from your big flat screen.


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  14. Good post, but you forgot MP mate 🙂 it’s fairly new, but is probably the leading one today (that or watch-movies, i’m not sure). 🙂

  15. Nothing wrong with this, at all, people should get it more.

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  18. You can also see Hollywood movies in a better quality on http://10starmovies.com/ and download movies without any cost. i like that site very much.

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    I know the best movie site are http:www.freemediatv.com and http://www.icefilms.info numbers of new released movies in divxwebplayer that means if you check the preferences of the webplayer you can enlarge the tempfile so when it buffers the movie automaticly will be downloaded the only thing to do is enlarge the buffer /chache of your web player go too your temperaary file in divx player cut en paste some where you woud like to save your movies this takes away download time takes like 10 min for a movie too buffer. watch and download at the same time. Your welcome

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  22. Very nice list of sites for movies. I will add http://www.moviescomingoutsoon.com to the list of good divx movie sites out there

  23. this is a cute little list one i would like to recommend and add to the list is http://www.dwi-tv.com
    They have thousands of videos

  24. I like this post lets keep it active and bookmarked and add more to it.



  25. Finally we have a website that we can watch Iron Man 2 online. http://fullmovielinks.tv/movies/view/iron-man-2-2010

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  27. nice list, thank you for share

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  29. You can now enjoy free movies, music and games. Why would you pay for these entertainment if there are free options online? This is what is good with technology. We can simply enjoy life by making the most out of our Internet access.

  30. I’m not a great fan of divX hoever if movies are freely available then I do watch them.

  31. Great List Niraml! Thanks For Sharing With Us.

  32. Great Work Nirmal! Nice Ways To Watch, Thanks For Sahring.

  33. Great Movie Site! I’ll use your site as a guide to create my movie site, hope u dont mind 🙂 thank you.

  34. Great post, that was really awesome for me and others…thanks

  35. i personally love the website http://www.imdbfree.com
    all of there movies are free and the uploud movies every day in HD and you can watch there movies on I phone and I pad

  36. you should definitly try http://www.onchannel.net as your alternative movie sharing website. It has alots of new movies posted everyday with fresh and live streaming links. it`s free for everybody to join. check it out and let me know if you liked it.

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