Akelpad is a small, fast and easy to use text editor. AkelPad is an open source editor for plain text. Akelpad is useful for designing web documents, programming and so on. It makes up for most of Notepad’s deficiencies. Akelpad also supports plugins for making your job easier and you can download various plugins based on your need.


Features of Akelpad;

  • Single window mode (SDI), multi window mode (MDI);
  • Editing of files, which size is more than 64K (generally speaking, size isn’t theoretically limited);
  • Full support of Unicode strings on Unicode systems (NT/2000/XP/2003);
  • Support of Unicode codepages (UTF-16 little endian, UTF-16 big endian, UTF-8);
  • Support of any code page installed in the system;
  • Support of DOS/Windows and Unix newline formats;
  • Editing of files with “Read Only” attribute;
  • Multi-level undo;
  • Search/replace text strings, escape-sequences and also search/replace by hexadecimal code;
  • Remember file codepage and caret position;
  • Remember last opened files;
  • Plugins support

Download Akelpad