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6 Ways to Listen to Latest Bollywood Songs Online

Recently we had written about ways to watch all latest movies online. Here we are presenting 6 ways to listen to latest Bollywood songs online, without having to download them. Most of these sites also offer other regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. Many of these sites also offer the lyrics of the songs being played, which is an added advantage. So here is the list of top sites offering latest Hindi Songs.

1. Music India Online- Music India Online has a vast collection of songs in different categories and languages including the latest songs. This site also offers lyrics of latest Bollywood songs. Apart from Hindi songs, Music India Online also offers other regional languages.

Music India Online

2. Raaga- Raaga is another good site which has huge collection of latest songs from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and also other languages. Raaga also offers lyrics for Hindi songs. Only problem with Raaga is that there are too many pop up ads on the site.


3. Smash Hits- Smash Hits offers latest Bollywood songs and also music reviews of latest movies. Smash hits also features regional language songs. You also have the option to buy the songs from the website.

Smash hits

4. Dhingana- Dhingana is a social platform around entertainment and you can discover new music with friends & share your musical tastes. Dhingana has latest Hindi songs and also videos of latest songs. You can create an account with Dhingana and save your playlists.


5. Dishant- Dishant has a vast collection of latest Hindi songs with lyrics. Dishant also has a good collection of regional languages songs.


6. Music Plug- Music Plug also offers latest Hindi songs online. Another feature with Music plug is that it offers high quality and medium quality version of songs in case you do not have a high speed Internet.

Music Plug

Hope you liked this list, if you have any more sites offering good quality songs, please do share it in comments.

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  1. hmm, where are the other 5 ways. 🙂

  2. I too can see just ONE here ! Even , my feedreader can’t find the rest 5 !

  3. @Ram and Arpitnext,
    There was some issue with the post when I published, anyways restored it using the new feature in WordPress- Post revisions. 🙂

  4. I usually download them rather than listen them online.

    But, perfect solutions, if you have an unlimited broadband connection.
    Let the music stream !!!

  5. Nice share Nirmal, thanks.

    I would like to add Phulki.com to the list, it is a simple search engine for Indian songs indexing most of the above sites. The playlist can be generated using the songs from different sites thus the inventory is relatively larger.

  6. Its been quite long since I have listened to new Hindi music, thanks for this 😀

  7. I have used Raaga and Smashits only . Will try the other ones

  8. I have a big list of sites on songs to listen online :O I will publish them one day :O

    Stumbled this post.. u could have added hummaa.com It is a bangalore company 😉

  9. My favs are Raaga and Smashits… nice share

  10. I loved Raaga.Nicely compiled list……..

  11. Hey Nirmal you can also listen latest bollywood songs online on radio here http://www.tech2check.org/2008/07/listen-bollywood-radio-online.html

    It contain radio stations like radio city,radio mirchi and city 101.6 FM

  12. I love Music Plugin because it has zero popup ads.

    I also did another comparison, which any one of you can try: Think of any song. Take the same song on all the sites given above and see the time taken between your thinking and the start of the song. It is the least in Music Plugin.

  13. my fav is songs.pk. i don’t like raaga or others.

  14. hi, every one , watch movies and songs and download them at http://www.freedekho.com
    kool website

  15. i really liked all the songs present , there r bunch of songs that r my favo and they all r there on the sites.my most favo sites r smashits and raaga.

  16. all the sites r just puffed up with all type of song in need when u r loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………. with songs.

  17. I like all 6 referenced sites. I think those are topmost audio/song sites for free.

  18. If you are having trouble understanding Gujarati lines from this song, here is the translation:

    Tu nathi to thaaro photo pan chalse

    If you are not then your photo will do!

    Hindi Songs

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