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7 Ways to Watch Latest Bollywood Movies Online

Now with high speed broadband Internet available, its good to watch movies online. There are lots of free sites offering latest Bollywood movies online. Most of these sites also offer good quality audio and video. So here is the list of top 7 sites offering free Bollywood movies online.

1. Bharat Movies- Bharat Movies offer high quality DVD movies online for free. This site also offers regional language movies like Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali movies for free. It has a good collection of latest Hindi movies.


2. BollyClips- BollyClips is another site which offers good quality and latest Bollywood movies for free. Apart from this, it also offers mp3, radio and Live TV services.


3. BhejaFry- BhejaFry offers high quality DVD movies, Live TV, Live sports, radio and other music videos online for free. You can check out the complete list of movies here.


4. MovieDesi- MovieDesi has a collection of over 300 Bollywood movies online including latest releases. Moviedesi website is not a well arranged one, so you might find it difficult to search movies.

5. ApnaView- ApnaView is a good site which offers latest Bollywood movies, live cricket action and also latest music videos online for free. ApnaView also offers mirror sites in case the original links are not working. ApnaView also offers Punjabi, Tamil and Malayalam movies online.


6. 123OnlineMovies- 123OnlineMovies offers movie download apart from watching it online. Most of the movies are linked to online storage or Youtube. You can see the entire collection of movies here.


7. BollySaga- BollySaga is another free site which offer Bollywood movies. Although the collection of movies is less when compared with other, its worth a try.


If you have any more good sites for watching Bollywood movies online, do share it here in comments.

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  1. looks like a great list…stumbled

  2. I have been using bharatmovies, apnaview and bollyclips for quite some time will try out the other ones too, Stumbled.

  3. are any of them subtitled? I’ll look around…

  4. I have used the first one, will give a try to rest… stumbled

  5. Good find. 🙂

    But can you explain why people prefer watching online rather than d/ling them?

  6. I have been using torrents for getting these movies.
    Let’s see how these sites are better.

  7. @Abhishek, Keith, Pavan,
    Thanks for the Stumble.

    Watching them online will take less time than downloading them and also could save bandwidth.

  8. What internet connvectivity are you using nirmal? Is the online viewing smooth?

  9. @Pallab,
    Thanks for the Stumble.

    I’m using a 1MBPS connection.

  10. wow thats a great find 😀 so now has to say good bye to night download 😉

  11. Nice find Nirmal. But i prefer to download.

  12. For me downloading the movie using rapidshare is easier (I HAVE PREMIUM account) but my brother watched movies online 🙂

    I knew almost all of this and I need to stumble the post as no one wrote about it except you 🙂

    But for some reason my Stumble upon toolbar is not showing up in Firefox 🙁

  13. Sorry for commenting once again,but I got the Toolbar back :D,Stumbled the post!

  14. @Rockstar Sid,
    Thanks for the Stumble.

  15. Never knew that there are so many of these sites.
    Cool Find Stumbled 🙂

  16. This might be soon the top post !! (me too stumbled :))
    A killer list.

    You’ve done exactly what many people are looking for !!

    Do all these have got the rights to broadcast movies public ??

  17. i love hindi movies that is it

  18. Apna view and 123onlinemovies are not so friendly, you have to download their Zango add on feature to view. It’s apain in the ass pop up software which you can without. Bollyclips is better.

  19. Thanks for sharing these links….

  20. Hey u forgot to put http://www.bohits.com. wre we cud get 1000 of new n old movies from various language. watch tat site n njoy it.

  21. Hey you also forgot this good website… check out the site which I know

    http://www.bharatcinema.com – For Hindi | Telugu movies | Songs | MP3 downloads
    http://www.desi4masti.com – All desi Videos
    http://www.tollywoodtunes.com – Telugu MP3 Songs

  22. hey , you might also wanted to try veoh tv.co it has easy download also;also try
    hindilinks4u its a super site.

  23. hey all movie lovers,

    i agree with sheila to watch movies on hindilinks4u.net
    its fast with new movies and loads of movies to watch
    just one thing they dont provide download links.
    but for high broadband users thats idol website to watch movies.


  24. i would like to add one website for bollywodd movies etc, its my fav cuz it dont hv any popups.
    hope u all will like it. i dont know y admin didnt add it!!!!

  25. if you are on this web then you are a movie lover thats right
    now go to bollm4u.com

  26. Hey Nirmal great list.
    Thnaks for sharing.
    It is very useful!

  27. yarr..plz tell me websites from which i can dwld hollywood movies in zshare format or which are not in radidshare or megashare…

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  30. You can try these sites, they do have regular content updates and very less dead links, all the new releases are often found first here, check out

  31. http://hbgeotv.blogspot.com/ http://hbgeotv.blogspot.com/ latest movies, live tv, music videos and more for freeeeeeeeee

  32. Great ! Thanks for the nice collection of online hindi movie sites.
    But how could you forget moovyshoovy ? Tons of movies there


  33. Nice collection, thank you ! Most of the good sites are there. But how could you forget


  34. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing those. I will check it out.

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  36. I think to watch hindi movie, youtube and dailymotion are best sites

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