Most of us use desktop Email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird etc to check POP3 and IMAP email accounts. If you are out of Office or out of home or if you do not want to install the client software, here are few ways to check your POP3/IMAP email accounts Online.

1. Mail2Web: Mail2Web provides a free web-based email retrieval application that allows users from anywhere to anonymously pick up their email from almost any POP3 and IMAP4 email server. No registration is required to access or use the application. Retrieving mails and sending them are very easy with Mail2web.


2. MyEmail: MyEmail allows you to manage your already existing POP3/IMAP email accounts from any computer, anywhere in the world. MyEmail also offers 1000MB of storage space, so you dont have to worry about deleting mails also. It also has address book, spam filtering, unlimited folders, a search function and even spell check and accessible from anywhere in the world.


3. Gmail: Gmail allows you to receive emails from other POP accounts. A maximum of 5 accounts can be retrieved using Gmail. Steps to configure this accounts are available in the help center, you can check it out here.

4. E-mailAnywhere: E-mailAnywhere allows you to access any POP email accounts from anywhere. This gives you the opportunity to access your e-mail messages, address book and even files from any computer with an Internet connection. E-MailAnywhere also provides address book and briefcase facility.


5. NetMyMail: NetMyMail allows you to store unlimited number of email accounts. It offers complete support to POP and IMAP servers. You can access all your Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo messages here. It also offers address book and WAP facility.


6. Email4Web: Email4Web is a another simple way of accessing your POP and IMAP email accounts. Email4Web has a simple interface and has address book and calender support.


Which one have you used? Please share your thoughts on this.